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May 29 2017

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Oferta de empleo: Sr. Programmer:INGENICO

La descripción del trabajo.:

Publicado: 19 de mayo de 2017
Área: Tecnologia / Sistemas
Tipo de puesto: Full-time
Remuneración: No especificado
Lugar del puesto Capital Federal, Buenos Aires

Lugar de trabajo

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires


Residencia: Buenos Aires

Requisitos para postularse


Responsible for the requirements, design, construction, integration, testing, verification and maintenance of Ingenico’s software products.
Key Responsibilities:
Analyze and define requirements for new projects.
*Develop technical specifications in English and / or Spanish detailing each stage of the project.
*Define programming architecture
*Determine best methodology to follow, based on the requirements established by Ingenico´s external and internal customers (hereinafter "clients").
*Visiting customers as necessary for the proper development of the specifications.
*Issue test scripts for quality control of developed applications

Develop applications for customers as necessary based on the needs of each client:
*Analyze the technical feasibility
*Use specific tools and programming languages ??specific and predetermined
*Testing with applications developed and then sent to requesting clients for approval.
*Visiting customers should be required to support certification of the applications developed and / or to solve problems of the developed applications.
Certify applications:
*Supporting customers regarding the proper use of developed projects (applications or scripts quality testing).
*Clarify technical questions.
*Analyze and solve various problems
*Identify new project demands
*Support certifications visiting customers during certification if necessary, to ensure satisfaction and attention to customer needs.

Find the timeliness of project delivery confirmed by the applicants (Ingenico subsidiaries)
*Deliver the complete work, source code, test scripts, tested binaries, etc., Through to the appropriate electronic files.
*Ensure proper documentation of the developed applications, develop technical manuals, develop user guides, release notes, etc..
*Ensure the correct storage of applications, creating backups, using version control applications.

Competency/Skill Requirements
• Knowledge of application development for POS
• Knowledge of technology
• Knowledge of Means of Payment
• Knowledge of SmartCards (EMV)
• Project Management

   » English (able to maintain business and technical discussion) (speaking, reading and writing)
Education Qualifications / Experience Requirements:

   » Systems Engineering.
Computer/IT Skills:
• Advanced knowledge of programming languages ??(C / C + + is required)
• Broad knowledge of other programming languages ??(C #, Visual Basic,. Net)
• Knowledge of database (SQL)
• Knowledge of communication protocols (TCP / IP, HTTP, PPP)
• Knowledge of Web Services

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