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April 08 2020

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Oferta de empleo: QA Engineer:HnPatagonia

La descripción del trabajo.:

Publicado: 26 de marzo de 2020
Área: Tecnologia / Sistemas
Tipo de puesto: Full-time
Remuneración: No especificado
Lugar del puesto Capital Federal, Buenos Aires

Lugar de trabajo

Capital Federal, Buenos Aires


Experiencia mínima: Experiencia mínima de 3 años en el área de Tecnología, Sistemas y Telecomunicaciones
Residencia: Cerca de Capital Federal, Buenos Aires

Requisitos para postularse


QA Engineer responsible for creating test plans and test cases and managing test cases in a Test Management Tool.

Required Skills:

• Understand Software development process;
• Understand the QA process regarding the Testing Life Cycle;
• Analyze Requirements document thoroughly;
• Develop test data to satisfy test cases;
• Execute test cases successfully;
• Identify defects;
• Track defects till they are resolved;
• Support deployment releases (major release, minor release, fast tracks, migrations);
• Basic knowledge of SQL to develop queries and run them in TOAD or SQL Plus;
• Interpret Defects, ask necessary questions and test them as required;
• Troubleshooting and investigation skills;
Duties and Responsibilities:

• Responsible for creating the appropriate test data and set up the correct test conditions to execute test cases.
• Responsible for executing test cases, recording results, identifying system or application problems and writing clear, descriptive and valid test reports.
• Must be able to communicate clearly, interact with developers and business analysts to track and resolve defects.

Must have at least around 3 years’ experience focused on testing.


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Sueldo: No especificado
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Localización del Empleo: Buenos Aires
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Día de envío: 2020/04/03 / Viewed 117 times
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Empresa: HnPatagonia

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