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November 20 2018

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Empleo: Experto En Compras Y Supervisión De Construcciones En El Proyecto - (D938) En Jujuy - [Y.221:

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Detalles de la oferta

GIZ International Services has been invited to submit a proposal for the project: "Support to the integrated waste management programme in Jujuy" in Argentina, financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB).

The main objective of the Integrated Solid Waste Management Programme (ISWMP) in the Province of Jujuy is to improve the quality of life for the inhabitants of Jujuy Province and address the issues related to climate change through the reduction of GHG, through the proper management of solid waste. The implementation and operation of the ISWMP shall contribute to phase out the dumping of untreated waste and reducing the final disposal by recovering both energy and material.

The ISWMP will also contribute to ensure that targeted municipalities develop and implement specific integrated waste management systems in their jurisdictions through policy strategies, the creation of employment related to waste treatment, the optimization of waste collection/transport and adequate disposal practices.

The main objective of the Technical Assistance project is twofold: firstly, to support and enhance the Promoters' capacity to implement the Project "Integrated Waste Management in Jujuy" in accordance with relevant national and international standards and to meet EIB financing requirements. Secondly, it will contribute to the enhancement of local capacity in implementing and managing solid waste programmes and projects.

The procurement and works supervision expert will be responsible for procurement (preparation of tender documents for works, supply and services and conduction of tender procedures) as well as construction supervision.

Especialistas en organización de la administración publica y de empresas

Experto en Compras y Supervisión de Construcciones en el proyecto


1 Vacante


(San Salvador de Jujuy)


Estudios mínimos



1. Administración de Empresas

2. Administración de Negocios Internacionales

3. Administración Financiera

4. Administración Pública

5. Administración y Evaluación De Proyectos

6. Analista Económico

7. Analista en Ciencias Ambientales

8. Analista en Comercio Internacional

9. Construcción Civil

10. Contador General / Contabilidad

11. Contador Público y Auditor

12. Finanzas Bancarias / Negocios Internacionales

13. Ingeniería

14. Ingeniería Ambiental

15. Ingeniería Civil

16. Ingeniería Civil Industrial

17. Ingeniería de Ejecución Industrial

18. Ingeniería Ejecución Administración de Empresas

19. Ingeniería Ejecución en Gestión Industrial

20. Ingeniería en Construcción

21. Ingeniería en Gestión de Calidad y Ambiente

22. Ingeniería en Gestión de Negocios

23. Ingeniería en Obras Civiles

24. Ingeniería en Proyectos Industriales

25. Ingeniería en Recursos Naturales Renovables

26. Ingeniería Industrial

Requisitos mínimos

Your profile

Qualifications and skills

- University degree or equivalent in a relevant discipline.

- Fluency in English and Spanish.

General experience

- At least 5 years in the preparation and implementation of internationally financed programmes/projects in the solid waste management sector.

- Experience in developing countries would be an advantage.

Specific experience

- Preparation of tender documents and conduction of tender procedures.

- International experience in projects financed by International Financing Institutions (IFIs)

( EIB/EU/World Bank) procurement guidelines.

- Knowledge of public procurement (civil, supplies and/or services) under Argentinian legislation would be an advantage.

- Contractual processes, documentation/record keeping and claims management.

- Experience on at least 1 project related to the restructuring and efficiency of a solid waste utility operator.

- Experience on at least 1 project related to the development of management systems within the public and/or private sector.


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